C2R2 Intensive Repair Serum


Contains Amla Seed Oil. Since As early as 1500 BC, Amla was known for its medicinal properties in Ayurvedic medicine. In Theravada Buddhism the tree from which the fruit is grown is regarded as the sacred embodiment of Mother Earth and is looked to as the tree of enlightenment. Amla oil is very rich in antioxidants and contains high amounts of vitamin C and tannins which simultaneously brighten, soften and improve overall skin quality while tightening pores and having a firming effect.

This serum is a powerhouse of proven anti-ageing ingredients. It is a skin transforming formula, developed to deliver visible skin energizing and brightening from the first 24 hours. Very effective in improving skin firmness, brightening the skin tone and reducing fine lines & wrinkles.

Recommended for:

  •  Oily/Normal/Dry Skin
  •  Dull Skin
  •  Fine-Deep Wrinkles
  •  Hyper-pigmentation
  •  Lack of elasticity


Ingredients (in addition to Amla):

Coenzyme Q10 (plant based): is a vitamin-like substance found throughout the body, but especially in the heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas. It is capable of increasing energy levels as it is involved in the production of ATP, a molecule in body cells that functions like a rechargeable battery in the transfer of energy. Applying CoQ10 directly to the skin can reduce the damage from internal and external agents by increasing energy production in skin cells and promoting antioxidant protection and decreasing the depth of wrinkles.

Resveratrol: is a natural antioxidant extracted from grape skin, peanuts, berries, and even dark chocolate. In skincare, it works on a cellular level to fight aging. Recent studies have discovered that resveratrol is a molecule that activates sirtuin, the longevity gene found in people who lived 100 years. Resveritrol is a gold mine of age fighting, cell repairing anti-oxidants. It also stimulates fibroblasts and acts as a shield against free radicals.

Retinol: has been proven to boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles, speed cell turnover thus  brightening the skin tone, and unclog pores. It’s a magical ingredient! and who doesn’t love some magic powers to fight ageing?!


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